Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leave Myself Alone

Love and accept yourself as you are?
Why? Why would I do that?
What would it mean if I did?
Would it mean I would stop working on myself?
Settling for "not quite good enough"?
Or perhaps it would mean that you are okay, just the way you are.
Your breasts are perfect.
Your thighs are perfect.
Your nose is perfect.
Your ass is perfect.
Because the way they are is apart of you!
You with your determination, stubbornness, loving heart and empathetic spirit.
You! A friend, mom, daughter, sister, lover, woman.
Instead of, "small", "large", "ugly", "fat", "not enough"...
You are "okay", "good", "perfect".
How much time?
How much time you must not, will not, should not surrender to knock yourself.
Instead save the time.
Save the time to build into who you really are.
Save the time to build into who you can model for your daughter.
Save the time to build into who you can model for other females...
Who also buy into the bullshit that rules our culture.
Life is too short.
We hear it all the time.
You know it.
You feel it it your heart as true.
Who do you allow to tell you how you should look?
Since when did they control what you determine as beauty?
Your definition of beauty is in you.
Wear it.
Feel it.
Love it.
Embrace it.

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